Aprillinaljad 2012

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pühapäev, 1. aprill 2012 19:25
Koguks siia siis mõned kokku, mis silmad jäid sellest aastast.
Esiteks Google, kes väitis, et on valmis saanud 8-bitise Google Mapsi Nintendo Entertainment Systemi ehk NESi jaoks. Nad kirjutasid, et oligi imelik, et nii populaarse seadme jaoks nagu NES, mida on müüdud üle 60 miljoni, ei olnudki veel eraldi kaardirakendust neil, aga nüüd on see porditud ja näeb välja selline:

Gmaili tiim lisas, et nemad toetavad nüüd ka morsekoodis e-kirjade saatmist, seega piisab nüüdsest vaid kaheklahvilisest klaviatuurist. Muide, Gmail toodi turele 1. aprillil 2004 ja seda uudist algul ei usutud, arvati, et nali :)

Sir Richard Branson teatas aga, et plaanib reisi maakoore sügavustesse.

pühapäev, 1. aprill 2012 21:37
The Pirate Bay saidil oli selline teade:
Greece sells airspace to TPB


Athens, Greece - Political power in Athens, Greece, today signed an agreement with representatives for The Pirate Bay (TPB) about exclusive usage of the greek airspace at 8000-9000ft.

- This might come as a shock for many but we believe that we need to both raise money to pay our debts as well as encourage creativity in new technology. Greece wants to become a leader in LOSS, says Lucas Papadams, the new and crisply elected Prime Minister of Greece.

LOSS that he is referring to is not the state of finances in the country but rather Low Orbit Server Stations, a new technology recently invented by TPB. Being a leader for a long time in other types of LOSS, TPB has been working hard on making LOSS a viable solution for achieving 100% uptime for their services.

- Greece is one of few countries that understands the value of LOSSes. We have been talking to them ever since we came up with the solution seeing that we have equal needs of being able to find financially sustainable solutions for our projects, says Win B. Stones, head of R&D at TPB.

The agreement gives TPB a 5 year license to use and re-distribute usage of the airspace at 8000-9000 ft as well as unlimited usage of the radio space between 2350 to 24150 MHz. Due to the financial situation of both parties TPB will pay the costs with digital goods, sorely needed by the citizens of Greece.
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pühapäev, 8. aprill 2012 13:19
Mis värvi on see sinine ruut?