The Real Doris Day
Doris Day

CD 1 1. The very thought of you 2. Que sera sera (whatever will be, will be) 3. Silver bells 4. When I fall in love 5. Dream a little dream of me 6. Perhaps perhaps perhaps 7. Move over darling 8. Sentimental journey 9. Anything you can do 10. A guy is a guy 11. Singin' in the rain 12. Everybody loves a lover 13. Love you dearly 14. No two people 15. Close your eyes 16. Fools rush in (where angels fear to tread) 17. Too marvelous for words 18. Baby doll 19. Who are we to say (obey your heart) 20. Something wonderful 21. A hundred years from today 22. You can't have everything 23. Not only should you love him 24. What does a woman do CD 2 1. Lullaby of broadway 2. Papa, won't you dance with me? 3. Someone like you 4. It takes time 5. It's magic 6. Love somebody 7. Crazy rhythm 8. Put 'em in a box, tie 'em with a ribbon (and throw 'em in th 9. Pretty baby 10. My darling, my darling 11. I'll string along with you 12. That old feeling 13. Canadian capers (cuttin' capers) 14. Again 15. At the cafe rendezvous 16. You can have him 17. It's a great feeling 18. The one I love (belongs to somebody else) 19. I wish i had a girl 20. Nobody's sweetheart 21. My buddy 22. Oops CD 3 1. The deadwood stage 2. I can do without you 3. The black hills of Dakota 4. Just blew in from the windy city 5. A woman's touch 6. Higher than a hawk (deeper than a well) 7. 'Tis Harry I'm plannin' to marry 8. Secret love 9. Yes 10. Nobody's heart 11. Remind me 12. Daydreaming 13. Give me time 14. Control yourself 15. Wait till you see him 16. My one and only love 17. Falling in love again 18. Hooray for hollywood 19. Gotta feelin' 20. Happy talk 21. Make someone happy 22. Ridin' high 23. Clap yo' hands Lisas Marge-Elin Roose 01.11.2012
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